Certificate of the EU tax number of Hungarian companies

The tax numbers of the Hungarian companies are available in the business registry, on the website of the Hungarian tax office and on the EC VIES website as well. In case the companies need an „official paper” of the tax numbers, they can apply for the so called certificate of residency issued in Hungarian/English version with the following text:

I  hereby certify  on the  basis  of  document,s  and  records  that  COMPANY NAME  (address:  tax  identification  number:)  is  a  resident  of  Hungary within  the  meaning  of  the  Hungary-CHOOSED TREATY COUNTRY  Double  Taxation  Convention. This  certificate  was  issued  at  the  Taxpayers  request  for  years  CHOOSED PERIOD.

The certificate can be legalized by Apostille as well if needed. The tax residency certificate is issued only to the managing director or the registered accountant/repserentative of the company.