Certificate of Good Standing of Hungarian companies

The business registry of company is available for the public for free. The free database usually is not up to date, we are not able to download the company details date today, just for date in the past for free. The up to date business registry database is not free for the public, but easy to apply for copy of business registry at the Registrar of Companies, at notaries or at corporate database service providers. The company details of the business registry is also available in English.

The simple copy of business registry contain the following details of the company:

Registration number – Type of the company – Date of registration – Company long and short name – Registered address and branches – Date of the changes of the article of association – Registered acctivities of the company – Capital of the company –  Name, address and personal details of the managing directors – Statistical, HU and EU VAT numbers – Bank accounts – Shareholders/members details.

The copy of business registry available with Apostille as well, we provide the notarized document with Apostille, because easier to obtain Apostille for a notary signature than the signature of the president of the Registrar of Companies.